We needour bodies.

As women, we are usually not given the education and tools we need to connect with our bodies in powerful, meaningful ways. Speaking frankly about our bodies is seen as taboo and shocking. At She Collective, we want to challenge the culture of silence surrounding women's bodies. We want to help all Cleveland women and girls to develop authentic knowledge about their bodies by providing tools and opportunities to help them move beyond their perceived limits.
she collective paddleboarding

    What do we offer?

      Yoga 4 Days a Week

      We believe that practicing yoga is an excellent way to care for your body, mind, and spirit. We have a yoga class for all skill levels, from those who feel better using a chair to steady themselves to those folks who can flow through the whole Ashtanga series without breaking a sweat. Your first class at She Collective is only $5 and we even offer childcare during Tuesday and Thursday morning classes!

      Body Education Classes + Workshops

      We teach evidence-based body education classes, such as Period 101 for Teens and Preteens and the prenatal Mindful Breastfeeding. Throughout all of our classes we are committed to providing the most up-to-date, relevant information while also placing great value on the experiential wisdom of individuals. Sign up to our mailing list to stay in the know about brand new classes coming in 2018 and check out our full class calendar.

      Adventures + Retreats

      We organize excursions and retreats that you can’t get anywhere else to expose you to new experiences and to help you discover something brand new about yourself. Our retreats are little pockets of time when you can shed all the excess of daily life, connect with yourself and community, and rejuvenate your whole self. The week-long {Life Infusion} Costa Rica Retreat + Experience is coming up in February!

      Support + Community

      From the monthly Rhythm of Life Women’s Groups and She Speakers Series to our weekly Yoga Cafe, we provide opportunities for you to connect deeply with others. We know that some of the most powerful learning happens when we share time and stories with other folks, regardless of how alike or different we are. Connection with others helps us connect with our own humanity. Sign up today for one of our upcoming community building opportunities.


      Who is She Collective for?

      Anyone who is interested in learning more about their bodies, who recognizes the untapped power in their bodies, who wants to push through self- and culturally-imposed limits. At She Collective we unapologetically lift up the voices of trans and cis women and girls, trans men, non-binary and gender non-conforming individuals. Do you want to connect with other people to learn from each other’s experiences and to build a sense of community? She Collective is for you. Sign up for a free class or dare to push through your limits during one of our adventures. What’ve you got to lose?