If We Want to Understand Our Bodies, We Must De-Medicalize Them

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In my recent blog post about supporting women’s wellness through transformational doula work, there were quite a few birthworkers who argued that this “medical” knowledge should be reserved for healthcare providers and those with university degrees in anatomy and physiology. They insisted that information about women’s bodies outside of the perinatal period shouldn’t be shared by doulas because that’s not their role … Read More

Are Doulas Missing Out on Doing Truly Transformational Work?

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Doulas are magical people. We provide support during some of life’s most vulnerable moments. We impart wisdom, share joy and heartbreak, instill confidence. We are the calming presence among chaos. But we could be doing so much more. Answer honestly: Is the care you provide truly holistic, focusing on the pregnant or postpartum parent’s wellness of body, mind, and spirit … Read More

Want to Change Your Life? Do Yoga.

Our vision at She Collective is a world where everyone has an authentic understanding of the power of their own body. For me, providing yoga has always been a natural offshoot of this philosophy; growing up as the daughter of a yoga teacher and a gynecologist, it’s always been clear to me how yoga can be used to help connect … Read More

Why Costa Rica?

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Our {Life Infusion} Costa Rica Retreat + Experience $500 discount is still going on, through Monday! This is no big resort vacation. We’ll #ShopSmall while we’re there, supporting local families and communities. Read on to learn more about our connection to the country. {Why did we choose Costa Rica?} We have been traveling to Costa Rica since 1999, and have … Read More

Why Should We Unlearn Motherhood?

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Unlearning Motherhood What does this mean? First we must answer the questions, What is Motherhood? What have I learned about Motherhood? What have I been told about what Motherhood looks like, what Motherhood should be? Then, What must be unlearned? and Why?   Motherhood–not the act of being a mother, but rather the identity box that you move into the moment … Read More

What is Ashtanga Yoga?

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Have you tried Ashtanga yet? Our Ashtanga Flow on Tuesday mornings 9:15-10:45 {until ginny Walters returns from Costa Rica in March, Ashtanga yoga will be on Saturdays 10:30-noon with Deanna Black!} is a great opportunity. Ashtanga is an intense workout… you will sweat! Some yoga experience is required, but don’t be afraid to come if you’ve never tried Ashtanga before… ginny … Read More

Meet M. Carmen Lane, our first featured guest of the She Speakers Series

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{Hey there. Let me introduce you to M. Carmen Lane, our featured speaker at the first She Speakers Series this Thursday 7-8:30pm at She Collective. Carmen is a powerful artist and advocate in Cleveland and I’m SO excited to hear their wisdom and co-facilitate a radical conversation on Thursday.} + + M. Carmen Lane, MSOD (African-American, Mohawk, Tuscarora) is a … Read More

{Life Infusion} November Special!

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THIS MONTH ONLY! Get 3 friends to sign up for 🌴 {Life Infusion} Costa Rica Retreat + Experience 🌴 and SAVE 50% on your registration!! ☝🏽 Visit our {Life Infusion} page for all details☀️            

My Response to “The Goddess Myth”

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Have you read this Time article about “The Goddess Myth” yet? I think we need a discussion group just for this article, and the many others like it that seem to repeat the same refrain: Moms are set up to fail. Moms feel guilty. Moms feel shame and regret. We must protect moms from these feelings. Oh, and all moms are white … Read More