Our Philosophy

Our vision is a world in which every individual develops an authentic awareness of the power of their own body, through shared education, self-reflection, intentional movement, supportive community, and a radical understanding of intersectional feminism.

At She Collective we unapologetically lift up the voices of trans and cis women and girls, trans men, non-binary and gender non-conforming individuals.

Our Core Values

She Collective is actively working to build a safe space where:

  • Trans and cis women and girls, trans men, non-binary and gender non-conforming individuals occupy a place of preference
  • There is a radical understanding of intersectional feminism, gender and gender identity
  • We honor intersectional identities and are committed to dismantling systems of oppression and discrimination
  • We lift up voices of people of color and actively resist white supremacy
  • We proclaim that every person has the right to self-determination and autonomy when making decisions and choices about their own body
  • We encourage every person to find the truth in their own body and to live that truth authentically, every day
  • We work to break the silence around the female body and the power that is inherent within the body
  • We value knowledge that comes from personal experience as much as we value evidence-based ways of knowing
  • We embrace and examine our differences
  • We believe that critical self-reflection, intentional movement and adventure are powerful ways of connecting with our bodies and breaking through our self-imposed limits

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