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about ginny

How much do I love the water?

  • Certified as a Level 2 Instructor with ASI, the world leader in paddleboard and surfing instruction
  • Leader for Kayak Yoga tours with 41º North Kayak
  • 35 Years as a windsurfer with race experience in many local races and as an amateur in two ProAms and National races
  • Formerly certified to teach windsurfing
  • Certified in scuba diving
  • Employed for many years as a lifeguard and swimming instructor

From my first experience with swimming in ponds near the farms where I lived to canoeing with my brothers and dad for a fishing + camping weekend to paddleboard yoga tours on Lake Erie, I have always felt most at home on the water.

My husband and I learned windsurfing at the beginning of the sport. When we moved to Texas windsurfing became a way to meet people and share a fun camping weekend together. But where could we do our sport and live near water and be near family? Being born and bred in Ohio we thought of Lake Erie.

This is when kayaking became the way to get on the water any time I was free. I loved it. The feeling of floating and effort was perfect until I stepped on my first paddleboard. It was then that I discovered I love standing on a board rather than sitting. The view is better all around and I am able to see into the water. My arms, shoulders, back, legs all got stronger with the balancing and paddling.

The next step was to take my yoga to the board. I have been guiding people into the practice of yoga since 1997. In early 2010 I completed the Yoga Alliance 500-hour training with Yoga on High in Columbus. It was only natural that I would want to combine my two loves: yoga and paddling.

I love both the intense workouts and the leisurely strolls of paddling. I feel that my practice of yoga begins as soon as I take a paddle and stand to begin to go down the river. Each stroke can become a mantra of calmness and connectedness to nature. I have to pay attention. I have to relax. I have to be present, to let go. If I fall off… I get back on!

I would love to share with you my understanding of being on the water, the need for safety and tips to be able to get back where you started. I want you to feel you are just walking down the street. Paddleboarding can give you very relaxing feelings in return for just trying.

Come and paddle with me and maybe, someday, you will want to try your yoga on the board, too.